ERPNext Developer**


Slnee is looking for an experienced developer to join our ERPNext development team. You will be developing Python and JavaScript in the Frappe Framework ( to implement customized ERP solutions for Slnee based on the Frappe APP ERPNext ( The Much of the code written will be contributed back to the open source stack of ERPNext, so we encourage active engagement in the open source community. If you are looking to work locally in a small but growing agile and international team to build an enterprise ERPSystem, and if you are a very experienced Python developer, this job may be right for you.


Key Skills: Must have 1-3 years experience on Frappe framework. Familiarity with current ERPNext features and functionalities. Working knowledge of Python, Javascript and Jinja templates. The following skills are required: Python JavaScript Bootstrap and CSS HTML 5.0 MariaDB GitHub